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Vel Tech Road,Avadi, Chennai-600062

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Marisomart wants our local markets and Indian Homes to grow technologically strong. We want the small innovative thinkers and student researchers who are working on innovative projects to come up and grow. Small projects which are innovative and technically useful to reach the domestic as well as industries. We build strong foundation for our people. Our wide range of products, services and solutions will help our markets and people to flourish them with latest gadgets and buy them online here at Marisomart. We are highly fascinated to Internet of Things, IIoT 4.0, Data Science, Robotics, Machine Learning and AI enabled devices and gadgets to grow in our market.

Get ready to sail to world of innovative gadgets and products. Join us and use the benefits of complete suitcase of your product innovation journey.


/ Ecommerce

Buy your latest IOT and AI enabled gadgets and robots.

Marisomart brings you wide range of products which are developed by world class researchers and innovators. Products from all around the world are available here to serve your daily needs and bring an ease to your life. We are currently on development mode, and soon be available to serve you. Our aim is to flourish our Indian Markets with global products tested and verified by experts. Make our homes and lifes easier with the advent of Internet of Things and Robots.


/ Freelance

Learn and Earn

Landing soon with a best class freelancing platform. Hire employers as well as Get Hired. Now you can also use your knowledge to help others and earn on the go. Freelancing brings challenges to you which will push you to push your knowledge.

Young Minds

/ Young Minds

Innovate with Us

Marisomart brings you a unique service to serve you with best class solutions for your innovation journey. Have an IDEA, come to us. We will shape your mind, mentor you with global researchers working in same domain, get your prototype ready. You can also use this platform as an opportunity to showcase your work globally. Enjoy the benefits of tools of complete package of your innovation journey. Flourish our local markets with Internet of Things and Simplify our lives.

Innovation Canteen

/ Innovation Canteen

Set Up Innovation Lab

Marisomart aims to bring a unique lab at Technical Institutes to set up their own Innovation Lab. The Lab will be like a creative place where youngsters and engineers may find the latest components and gadgets which will fascinate and motivate them to build a project. We aim to provoke engineers and student researchers to gain values and learn by seeing various kinds of latest gadgets and devices, compel them to use and learn.

Business Campaigns

/ Business Campaign

Reach People with ideas.

Business Campaigning will help people in local markets and domestic population to know about the latest gadgets and learn to use. Spreading awareness among population about the recent gadgets and technology will help them know the benefits and know-how of technology. We aim to continuously organize these Business campaigns in order to gain market insights, business collaborators and Tech awareness.