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Who Will Get Vaccinated First In India ?

As vaccine is the only option to end of this pandemic corona virus. According to data collected from different resources  around 10.1M total cases of corona virus have been seen. In which around 95% people recovered to be exact 9.61M people recovered. Talking about the remaining people they comes under deaths category which is around 146000(5%) people dead due to covid19.

Corona Virus StatusMany companies are in the line of developing the covid19 vaccines few of them are in the the vaccination phase like Pfizer, Bharat Biotech  and Novavax etc. So, here question comes who will get the vaccination first ? It is very complex task for India to provide vaccine everyone now. So, by keeping and avoiding those issue India is urgently preparing a dataset of all the government and non-government health workers. As the health workers is the person who will be vaccinating other infected people so to bring the vaccination process safer and smooth they should get the vaccine first according to health authorities. According to Prime Minister Narendra Modi promise everyone will get vaccinated but front-line will be health workers to get first shots of vaccine.

How much people will get vaccinated by 2021 July and when it will start?

According to Health Ministry and Family Welfare, vaccination drive will start around Jan 2021 and roadmap to achieve it is getting prepared, around 200M to 250M people will be vaccinated by end of July free of cost.

Is Vaccination Roadmap Is Getting Ready ?

According to the resources, The government of India has already started to preparing the dataset or list of people based on the priority beneficiaries ans has issues advisory at district as well as state levels to prepare those list of people or database for submitting to the Covid19 Vaccine Beneficiary Management System.

How much vaccine doses needed for India ?

According to data, around 1.7 billion doses needed for Indian population to get rid of corona virus.

You can see and analyze the below data:
Data about vaccine doses needed in india

Now, Coming to the main content of this article that making you to be excited to read it out is here.

data showing who will get first vaccinated in india in table format

with some chart representation to get the clear view and understanding of the people counts based on their profession are given below:   

data showing who will get first vaccinated in india in chart format

In a nutshell, To be frank the database which is getting prepared by government is clearly showing that how they will be winning over the covid19 from starting of 2021. Let this year bring some good news and get rid of this fucking corona virus.