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Is Automation destroying Job opportunities?

When machine does the works of humans, perfectly and gives the benefits like time consuming cost effectiveness and security, the man power works or the job opportunities are getting low. The expectations of the companies will be high and the human's work will not be able to satisfy them. According to the survey the most of the work first thing that they are no longer needed in future will stop there may be so many injustices and conflicts, even though the technological benefits are for the humans. A study revealed in 2013 says that, shows that “Automation can affect both skilled and unskilled work and both high and low-paying occupations; however, low-paid physical occupations are most at risk. It estimated that 47% of US jobs were at high risk of automation”.

The companies motto includes labor-cost saving, energy saving and efficiency in every aspect. So, the automation helps in these things, and place the humans role. the change in technology can cause short-term job losses but the rapid dynamic changes lead to long term unemployment. the report from the world bank's world development Report come on 2019 race is the dispute that while automation replaces workers commanded technological innovations create more new industries and jobs on balance. The technological changes gives the possibility of positive transformation of the Labor market, but the risk is the work itself could for the worse. The technological changes expect people to re skill them for the jobs. Most of the workers can be confident and the unskilled labors are in a chaos. Everyone thinks of the positive opportunities but the fear of losing a job is more than the optimism. In this global pandemic time, people are working from home and most of them weren’t allowed to go out for the work. The people suffered from huge loss because of this. The loss which they haven’t expected. The Importance of Job Opportunities was realized during this time. The smart technologies makes even the members in the home to sit idle too. The automation in home, devices, everything were adapted by people. The worker should be able to do the technical work or the repetitive daily task for job opportunities. But only few will suit for this, and many will suffer. 

The schemes of some companies rely on the working employees from having the old jobs to updated good quality jobs. They are supportive to retain the employees. The most common Thing told by everyone is being in a job in this developed technology, is to force human to work as if they are machines. The risk of this will be plenty and if the companies really need the workers they need to find new job opportunities, related to the developed technological world, for them. On the other hand the employees or the workers also should be skilled enough to do the task. The old Job will remain old and will not be used, so the learning skill should be up to date. The new coping skills is needed the most. They need to update themselves according to it, to escape from this kind of conflict.