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Data Analytics: For business improvement

Data Analytics: For business improvement  

     Data Analytics is the process of examining the dataset  to derive the conclusion about the information which it contains. It cleanses, inspects, transforms and model the data for getting a clear thought about the decision making, conclusions and more information. Data Analytics is used to collect the data and figure out where the problems and causes of it and to fix them to conclude the final data. 

   The Marketing companies strategy about the data analytics is to analyze trends and recommend the products to their customers or clients. Each company's expectations about the Data analytics are different but, it’s moto is to give ultimate conclusion.                                   

Why data analytics used for the business improvement?

   Business complications are hard to understand and solve. The information which they contain can be applied to Data Analytics method to get a view on how to improvise or fix the errors they made. The better plan in hand minimizes the workload and it manages time. The production capacity of a business can get affected sometimes during bottleneck situations occurs. So, the data analytics helps beforehand to rectify the mistake and solve the problem quickly without increasing the cost Production. When it comes to the government agencies, the data analytics tackles the major issues by improvising policies and procedures. The effective data analysis is needed when it is a government agency and when it is a private management sector information is treasure for them. The data of the clients or customers will help them to focus on the area which they preferred in the past, for the prediction of the future to improvise the quality and Quantity of their products. They can do sales or provide the exact things to meet up customer’s satisfaction. If they get a negative result, the analyse to sort of off. It is not only for the customers, but also for the employees. The Data of the employees helps the firm to observe the workflow and improvise the overall performance to avoid the loss which occurred by the previous mistake. In financial business, the data analytics reduces fraudulent and false transactions to improve security.

The Decision making of public, private, financial sectors can be done well with the use of this. Data loss is not a small issue to face, so if they collect the data on right time, it saves them from mailing a wrong move. The continuous blunder can also be avoided.

Interpretation on data analytics

     The Data analytics has impact in every business as well as the firm. Data will not be a cluster of information. It will be separated by its specifications such as Name, age, gender, values, losses, causes, profits, extra productivity, etc.

 The Data is organized and it is converted into statistical form and the analysis is done by the analyst to rectify the mistakes. The business performance will be increased after that. There are many forms of analysis which is used according to the organization. 

Those are Prescriptive analytics, which if for increasing inputs. Predictive analysis is to decide What is lacking? What is needed?. Diagnostic analysis focuses more on why it is happened? Whereas Descriptive analysis is comparing the past and the future whether the sales or view or the productivity level is higher than this month. Even though it has all the positive side, it brings complex challenges while working in the public sectors. It differs from the private sector data. The load of data will be difficult to manage but can be tackled by social media strategy for the direct communication with the public.



According to all the details of the Data analytics, it is so much important in all areas. It manages time and the uncertain situations can be prevented soon to make a good wise decision.

Google analytics helps the big public sectors. So, all the firm chooses their own way of data analytics to improve business.

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