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Best Router for Spectrum Internet

High-quality spectrum Internet requires the most compatible routers available on the market.

Before diving into the subject in question, namely determining what router works best for spectrum internet, we need to talk about the nature of spectrum and how its system works so that people with little to no background in technology can catch up and gather some knowledge about the concept. The present article therefore is a guide for people planning to stop using their current internet and start using spectrum internet for a better and full connection experience.

With the explosion of Internet of Things and the revolution technology has known in the last decade, Spectrum has become an issue of concern as it is considered a relatively new concept for laymen, or technology newbies, as it were. The spectrum is a set of airwaves or radio frequencies that serve as an information messenger in the air but invisible as they travel in the air without being able to see them. The spectrum can come in another different type as the information travels via the cable, called Ethernet.

Indeed, some may think that this is no different than the other commonly used Wi-Fi. In fact, what these people believe is actually right as the Wi-Fi they use has the same function as it is also a set of radio frequencies sending information either via the air. What they are missing actually is that the difference between the two lies in the speed of the Internet. Certainly, people using their devices for normal use such as reading the news, scrolling Facebook would find changing their Internet Service Provider (ISP) of no use. Nevertheless, people such as streamers, gamers and those who use the Internet to watch 4K videos and movies need a High-speed Internet connection for a full experience without any lags or connection issues.

For this purpose, Internet Service Providers provide the spectrum Internet users with different packages with different pricing. A case in point would be Spectrum, a renowned internet service provider based in the US  and which is placed eighth when it comes to the ranking of best Internet providers and which offers different packagings. The packages available are as follow:

Plan1: Spectrum Standard Internet

The plan provides its user with 100 Mbps Download and 10 Mbps Upload. The plan works best for those who use their devices for basic functions such as sending emails, shopping online and light streaming. This plan is actually sufficient for those working from home during the pandemic.

Plan2: Spectrum Internet Ultra

The speed in the Ultra plan offers higher speed as it provides the user with 400 Mbps download and 20 Mbps Upload. This speed enables users to do more than just browsing the Internet and scrolling social media. In addition, as opposed to the other plan, multiple devices can be used at once.

Plan3: Spectrum Internet Gig

This plan is the best one offered by this ISP as it offers 940 Mbps download and 35 Mbps Upload. People prefer 4K videos, spending the day playing video games, or even for those working from home but their work is not limited to exchanging emails only and relies more on video conferencing and video calls. To word it differently, Internet Gig plan works best for heavy-duty users

In order to enjoy the best and full performance of Spectrum, a modem and a router are necessarily needed to be installed at home. The modem is given to the user once making up their mind on what plan they should buy without any additional chargers. However, it is up to the user whether they choose to lease the router provided by the ISP or they can buy their own. In the event they rent the Spectrum router, they will be of right to ask for technical support and help if an internet connection problem happens, but people who are knowledgeable enough in the tech field and believe they are able to fix their own internet issues, they can buy a router of their own.

Certainly, the router is a sine qua non for connecting to the internet,and it is a key factor that decides whether the internet performance would be of high quality. As a matter of fact, people always complain about the quality of their home connection and point the finger of blame at the Internet Service Provider they are subscribed to thinking that they were bamboozled and considering it a fraudulent act. Nevertheless, the router is usually, if not always, the factor that keeps internet users from enjoying their home internet fully. Buying a compatible router for their internet plan is the solution to their problem.

Before listing the routers available on the net, we should discuss the Wi-Fi bands and understand the distinction between the different types of Wi-Fi bands. 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz are the two types of Wi-Fi frequencies.

At first glance, we can deduce that 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi band performs better than the 5GHz Wi-Fi band. But let us decipher and break down the results of this graph for a full understanding of the differences between the two. In terms of Wi-Fi coverage, the 2.4Ghz outperforms the other as it can penetrate solid objects and transmit frequencies, while the coverage of the other reaches only 33%, that is the quality of internet for a person using the internet in a place far from the router.

When it comes to the speed of network, 5Ghz band outperforms the other as it can support up to 1300 Mbps while 600Mbps is the limit speed a 2.4Ghz band can support. 

Now that we briefly covered the qualities of each band, the question which would probably be raised by internet users is what Wi-Fi band is best. Well, there is surprisingly no correct answer for this question as the case differs from one user to another. In other words, what the internet user is looking for is the factor which would help them opt for either 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz. For example, if the user needs a high-speed internet, 5Ghz would be the best choice they can opt for as this band offers a high speed network. But if the coverage is what matters the most for the user, 2.4Ghz would be best given its penetration of walls.

Moving on to the router, which is as previously mentioned the key device for a better internet connection experience. Well, as opposed to what it may seem, deciding which router to use is no longer that big of a deal. All a user has to do is to browse the internet in order to gather information about the qualities of routers.

In the present article, we will go briefly through these qualities. Usually, people haphazardly buy a router without even bothering reading the characteristics of the router they are taking home. So, for a good access to the Internet, the qualities of a good networking gear must include the following:

Bandwidth: This aspect is probably deemed as the crucial out of all the other qualities. A good router should have enough bandwidth which enables the users to have full access no matter how many people are using their devices, be they phones, tablets, laptop or TV.

Speed: It is also related to the bandwidth; the user should make sure the router they are taking home can support the speed of the internet they are paying for.

Type: Routers are divided into two main types of routers, namely Type AC and n. The difference between the two is that n is an old model while AC is the new one. So, AC would be the one to choose for better internet access and performance.

Range: it is also known as Wi-Fi coverage. As stated before, a good router is that which transmits and penetrates walls. Otherwise, a Wi-Fi extender  would do in case the user is struggling with poor connection in some home areas.

Durability: This characteristic might seem trivial and of no importance to some internet users. Nevertheless, giving good service for a long time is as crucial as the other qualities.

In fact, though people gather information about the characteristics and qualities of a good router, the controversy of which tech shop or website sells the best router rises every time. Given the fierce competitiveness in the market between the shops buying network gears and technology devices, each company promotes its router with the intention of convincing the consumer to use the device they are offering even though it might not be the best router available on the market.

Starting with the routers offered by spectrum, the Internet service provider offers different routers that are to be rented when buying one of the 3 previously mentioned plans. Spectrum Wave 2, for example, is a router that is characterized by the following: Both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz which supports the devices used at home and the newly used devices. Its Wi-Fi signal reaches and covers many areas at home. Besides, its performance is consistent and of high density because it falls into the AC type.

Asus ROG capture GT-AC5300 is also considered among the best wireless routers people can buy, according to PCmag. The router offers high-speed connection and enough bandwidth as it supports the 2.4Ghz frequency. In addition, the router offers the Guest Networking option. It also offers one year of tech support in case there was a technical issue. Nevertheless, the price of this router is not affordable for everybody as it costs 249 dollars.

Amazon is among the many platforms offering different types of routers with different pricing. TP link AC1750 is a dual band Gigabit wireless Internet router home Wi-Fi which comes in an affordable price as it starts from 60 dollars. The router is compatible with all Wi-Fi devices and has the following characteristics: its type is AC, that is its performance is also going to be consistent and of high density, a speed that reaches up to 1750 Mbps high speed internet in that 450 Mbps is the limit for 2.4Ghz and 1300 Mbps for 5Ghz. As for the technical support, the company offers 2 years of technical support in case of any inconvenience or malfunction of the network gear.

After citing different examples pertaining to 3 different companies, the idea of which router to buy for better access to the network either for a work office or home is still relatively blurry. The three routers mentioned are relatively similar with very few distinctions which would make a slight difference. In fact, it seems that the three routers, though the difference in the prices and the brand, would guarantee a high-speed connection and a network spread in every area in the office or at home. They will also enable multiple users to be connected to their devices at the same time. Nevertheless, the durability of the routers is the aspect which will decide which of the routers would work best.

To conclude, the common misconception people have about the quality of the Internet and its speed should no longer be an issue. The router is the key factor and solution for low quality internet. Certainly, users would opt for the best routers available in the market, especially those using the internet for heavy-duty use such as gaming, streaming and watching 4K videos and movies, and even for work-related functions such as video conferencing. It would be logical if we state that there is no best Wi-Fi as such. Depending on what is mentioned previously in the present article, the best Wi-Fi router should have enough bandwidth so that many people use the internet at the same time, it must have a big range in order to be accessible in different areas in the house or the office and which are not near the router. Also, it would be better if the router is a dual band as the 2.4Ghz frequency guarantees a bigger Wi-Fi coverage while the 5Ghz frequency guarantees a high-speed internet connection. Durability, however, is deemed the most important factor which determines whether a specific router outperforms others available on the market.